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​​luggage and boarding

how early is the ship boarded?

Remember that the boarding limit for passengers is 30 minutes, except for fast ships, which is 15 minutes. If you are travelling with a vehicle, this will be 60 minutes.

A special case is for passengers with reduced mobility who require assistance. In the this case, it will be 2 hours. Before that time, passengers must have been admitted on board and their luggage must be registered.

In the CADIZ-CANARIES-CADIZ route, passengers must be at the terminal at least 2 hours before boarding because of customs.


what happens if I arrive late for boarding?

Once the boarding limit time has elapsed, the boarding will be closed and the company will not incur in any liability if it does not admit the passengers and/or vehicles if they arrive when boarding has been closed.


is there are maximum weight for the luggage?

You can take up to 40 kg of luggage on the bridge and 30 kg on the seats. Nevertheless, you must take into account the amount that you can move on your own and please pay special attention to valuable objects. Trasmediterranea is not liable for any thefts or loss of passenger luggage or personal objects.

If you travel on a seat, depending on the ship and route, we will provide a luggage room where you can keep your luggage, and it will remain in a common area that is locked with a key during the journey. 


why is it a different ship to the one expected when I bought my ticket?

If need be, the carrier can be replaced by another one or use other company ships.


can the ships' departure times be changed?

The times may change due to force majeure, which prevents the ship from sailing safely, or any other reason. If you want to be informed about any changes for circumstantial reasons, please give us your mobile number and email when making the booking.

Nevertheless, all our ferry terminals provide information about the ships' departure and arrival times leaving or arriving at that port.

You can also call our contact center on 902 45 46 45 and we will give you details about any changes.


can I carry hazardous goods?

They are forbidden for safety reasons in hand luggage, registered luggage and inside the vehicles.


what happens if a vehicle, luggage or passenger suffers an incident during the journey?

Any incidents must be notified before getting off the ship. After leaving the ship, you will lose any rights.


c​an I access the garages during the journey?

For safety reasons, the garages remain closed during the trip and you cannot access them, unless there is an emergency; please check this out and obtain permission from the captain. ​