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​​​bookings, prices and tickets

how do I buy or book a ticket?

You can buy a ticket on our website, by calling our contact center on 902 45 46 45, and at Trasmediterranea's agencies, offices and ferry terminals.

Our Customer Call Centre issues virtual tickets for individual customers, giving them a record locator so that they can go to a company office or ferry terminal and receive the boarding card.


can I book and ship a vehicle without passengers?

No. A vehicle without passengers is considered to be cargo. To do this, you have to go to the port's cargo offices.


how can I obtain the invoice for my trip?

When buying the ticket, you can request an invoice of your trip so that we can email it to the address that you tell us. 


can I give my ticket to another person?

No. Tickets are personal and non-transferable. To change the name, you have to cancel the ticket and issue a new one.

Before boarding the ship in the pre-boarding area, our counter staff cross-checks the passengers' identity cards, passports and residence permits with the boarding card's details. If the details do not coincide, the passenger cannot board the ship.


are there any offers or discounts?

The easiest way to find out about our offers and discount packages is to go to the section on offers and packages, where you will find detailed information about each one.

Also, if you call our contact center on 902 45 46 45, we will be delighted to tell you about our offers and discount packages and we will help you choose the best one that meets your needs.


what is an OPEN ticket? What are the advantages of buying an OPEN ticket?

An OPEN ticket does not have a specific return date. It is valid for one year from the issue date, but the booking must be made beforehand. Cancelling an OPEN ticket does not lead to any penalties.


can I travel with a motorhome?



can I book my tickets online and then pay for them at the port?

No. The full price must be paid when booking the ticket.


what can I do if I lose my ticket?

Call 902 454 645 and we will give you the information.


is there a penalty if I cancel my ticket?

Yes. For fast ships, there is a 10% penalty if the ticket is cancelled between 30 days and 48 hours before the ship's departure. There is a 20% penalty if the ticket is cancelled between 48 hours and 2 hours before the ship's departure. For conventional ships, there is a 10% penalty if the ticket is cancelled between 30 days and 10 days before the ship's departure, and 20% if it is cancelled between 9 and 2 days before; any less and the full price is paid.


is there a penalty if I bring forward my departure?

No. You can bring forward your departure date at no cost, provided that there are seats with the same prices.


what do I do if I want to cancel my ticket?

Call our contact center​ on 902 45 46 45 our customer call centre on ​91 736 99 57​ ​​​and we will tell you what to do.


can I move my departure forward or backward?

You can bring forward the departure at no cost, but subject to seat availability. If you want to put it back, this will be done at no cost up to 30 days before the departure, with a 10% penalty up to 10 days before, and a 20% penalty up to 48 hours before the departure, provided that there is availability for the same price rate.


if I make a booking now, can the price change between the time that I make the booking and until I pay?

Yes. Only the seat reservation is guaranteed. Prices may vary due to fuel fluctuations or because of offers/promotions.


can I travel with the tickets that I print from the website?

You must exchange them for the boarding card at the port's boarding counters.


can I travel with a bicycle?

Yes. They are carried in the garage, properly tied up, as luggage and at no additional cost. The passenger is responsible for loading, unloading and watching over them. 


what is a General Rate?

It is an unrestricted rate that is subject to the transport contract's conditions.


what is a Reduced Rate?

It is a rate that accepts date changes but no cancellations. This requires simultaneous ticket issuance and booking.


what is the Online Check-in?

With the Online Check-in service, you can print your boarding card 7 days before your departure without having to pick it up from the counter. 


  • Routes to and from Algeciras, Ceuta and Tangier.
  • Routes operated by other companies or discounted tickets whose supporting documents do not exist in our system.
  • Group locators.

what do I need to travel to Morocco?

To enter Morocco, all passengers must show their passport; moreover, citizens of some countries must obtain a visa.

Remember that you ID card must be valid during ALL your stay in Morocco.

If you are not a Spanish national, please check the respective Moroccan embassies or consulates to see if you need a visa and how to process it.

Trasmediterranea is not responsible if the competent authorities do not accept the passengers.


i am going to travel with a rental car but I do not yet know its number plate. Is the number plate needed to make the booking?

The vehicle that enters the ship must be the same as that stated on the ticket, and must have the same length and height as those stated in the booking; otherwise, Trasmediterranea cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be shipped.

To comply with security regulations, the passengers' names, the identity documents' details, the brand, type and number plate of the vehicles stated in the ticket must obligatorily correspond to the passengers and vehicles when departing. Otherwise, the passengers may be refused access to the port and ship.


is a 25-month-old toddler considered to be a child or baby? Do children have to pay?

Trasmediterranea considers the following:

  • Babies: Under 2 years old. They only pay the port rates and supplement. As an exception, on the routes to and from Ceuta and Tangier, the trip is completely free of charge on our ships, apart from the special rates subject to special conditions.
  • Children: Aged between 2 years and 13 years (inclusive). They pay 50% of the rate, except for the special rates subject to special conditions.

can minors travel without an adult?

No. They must always be accompanied by an adult. Under 14-year-olds travelling within Spain do not have to present their identity card or family booklet but they must present their residence card. In this case, the guardians who are travelling with them will be responsible for the minors.


can I travel if I am pregnant? Do I have to take any specific documents?


Pregnant women who travel on our ships must sign the "Information document for pregnant travellers" that Trasmediterranea makes available to them. Women who are more than 36 weeks pregnant cannot travel on our ships. Our staff will try to accommodate them in the quietest places, where there is less passenger traffic, so that they can be more comfortable, as long as this is possible.​


can persons with reduced mobility travel? Is there assistance on board?

You can book your ticket by calling our contact center on 902 45 46 45 or at the specific counter for persons with reduced mobility at the port's ferry terminal.

In any case, you must fill in the "Information document for passengers with reduced mobility" and accept the conditions and warnings about the trip.

Trasmediterranea may require you to be accompanied by another person who can provide the required assistance when this is strictly necessary.

At the port, our staff who assist people with reduced mobility may ask you to present the documentation that justifies the type of disability stated or the special assistance required when booking the trip.

Every ferry terminal and ship have wheelchairs although we recommend that, if you need a wheelchair, bring your own and any other thing that you may need, such as medicines, therapy devices, etc.


do you have any type of discounts? If so, what are they?

To benefit from of our discounts, you must tell us this when booking the trip and show the corresponding documentation to our ground staff when issuing the boarding card.

  • Babies: 100% discount. Babies travel free but this must be stated when booking the trip. Remember that babies are not entitled to occupy a seat.
  • Children: 50% discount.
  • Residents: 50% discount. The discounts will be applied to the ticket price.
  • The military: 50% or 40% discount, depending on the agreement signed with each army corps.
  • Large family in general: 20% discount.
  • Large family with special needs: 50% discount.
  • Pets in pet carriers: Free travel.

can I accumulate the discounts?

Yes. They can be accumulated. For example, if you are a resident with a large family, you can accumulate the two discounts.?


are there offers for groups?

Yes. The group price is applicable to more than 21 people. You can ask for a budget by emailing