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comprehensive management system

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what is our philosophy? 

that service quality, environmental respect and the occupational health and safety conditions are essential elements for carrying out our activity and for the future of our organisation. 

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 what have we done?

we have implemented and maintained a comprehensive quality, environmental and occupational safety management system based on continuous improvement with the aim of fully satisfying our customers, maintaining the environment and protecting as much as possible our employees' health.

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 what are our commitments?

  • to comply with the legislation in force.
  • to prevent or minimise as much as possible the pollution generated by our activities and the health deterioration of our employees.
  • to encourage ongoing training in order to provide services that meet our customers' needs and foster resource optimisation and the appropriate safety practices.
  • to seek innovative solutions that improve our service quality and prevent pollution and health damage.
  • to collaborate with our suppliers, by establishing relations based on trust, loyalty, transparency and mutual respect.
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known projects are underway in environment​

One of our objectives is to develop innovative actions that can improve the environment as well as be a competitive advantage for our company.

Since we are concerned about the use of natural resources, we have focused on carrying out novel actions, undertaking different projects to minimise the negative environmental impacts.

  • We installed flow reducers on some of our ships to reduce water consumption.
  • We hung up energy-saving light bulbs as an energy eco-efficiency measure.
  • We created a new work method based on "zero office paper".
  • Part of the Trasmediterranea was painted with friction reducing paints, achieving fuel savings and, therefore, lower CO2 emissions.

In an effort to continue being considered as the most environmentally respectful company in its sector, we have signed Good Environmental Practices Agreements with various port authorities, which show our commitment to continue investing in sustainability.​

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Your opinion matters to us and much​

We want to be closer to you, our customers, and know what you really expect from our service so that we can improve on a daily basis based on your expectations.

  • Your opinion really matters, we want to know:
  • What you think about how our staff treated you
  • What you thought about our facilities
  • What can we improve in our menus
  • If you liked the items in our onboard stores

Anything that you want to tell us that will help us make sure that your experience on our ships is a real pleasure trip